How to Apply

To apply for the McKean County Public Defender, you will need to contact the office at (814) 887-3316 to schedule an intake appointment. Individuals incarcerated at the McKean County Jail can apply directly from the jail by submitting a request slip to be faxed to our office. 

 What to bring with you:

Once the initial appointment has been scheduled, all potential clients must bring:

  • The criminal complaint or summons you received
  • Verification of income
To verify your income, you should bring:

  • Your last 4 pay stubs
  • Your previous tax return
  • Proof of SSI or other government support or your Access card
  • If you are not employed, not receiving public assistance and not receiving some kind of government support, you should bring a letter from the relative or friend who is supporting you now.
Any potential client who fails or refuses to provide adequate proof of income will not be approved for representation through the McKean County Public Defender’s Office.

After we have determined that you are charged with an offense covered by the Public Defender Act and that you are not financially able to hire a private attorney, you will be interviewed about the charges and you will have the opportunity to speak with a lawyer about your case.