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Voter Registration & Elections
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Why Have I received a mail ballot application and what are my options?  
You are receiving a mail ballot application because sometime last year, you requested a mail ballot and checked the box indicating that you would like to be a permanent mail voter.  The mail ballot application will automatically be sent to permanent mail voters at the beginning of each year.

Now that you've received the application, you have three options:
1.  If you would like to receive mail ballots for the upcoming 2021 elections, complete the application  and mail it back to our office.
2.  If you do not want to vote by mail ballot this year, but would like to continue to receive the application at the beginning of each year, you do not need to do anything.
3.  If you do not want to receive mail ballots and do not want to receive a ballot application for future years, sign and date in the box that says "Request to Cancel my Permanent Voter Status".  Then, return the form to the Elections office.
Here's a short video explaining your options:

Mission Statement:

The Department of Voter Registration and Elections strives to provide every citizen of McKean County with an atmosphere of efficiency, security and confidentiality.  Our goal is to provide each citizen with a positive experience when participating in the voter registration and election process.