Pennsylvania Support Collection & Disbursement Unit (SCDU)

What is SCDU?

Beeginning August 1, 1999, the McKean County Domestic Relations Section (DRS) no longer collects support payments or issue support checks.  Instead, the Pennsylvania State Collection and Disbursement Unit (PA SCDU), located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, receives and sends out child support payments.  Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare operates PA SCDU.

Receiving Child Support

There are two ways to receive child support payments, the EPPICard Debit MasterCard Card or direct deposit into a personal bank account.  You must contact PA SCDU to set up direct deposit into your checking or savings account.  If you do not choose direct deposit, an EPPICard will be issued to you.

To request a direct deposit form, please call the McKean County Domestic Relations Office during business hours at 814-887-3366, or log onto the child support website:

If you change your address, your job, or if you get married, the law requires each parent to tell the Domestic Relations Section (DRS) within seven (7) days of said change.  This will insure that you will continue to receive any updated information regarding your support payments and your support case.  You can update your information by calling our office at (814) 887-3366, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or through the internet at

If you have questions about your case that are not related to your support payments, you must contact McKean County Domestic Relations.

Paying Child Support

Most child support is paid by income withholding as ordered by the court and maintained in the Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System (PACSES), which is the state’s child support computer.  If your employer gets a court order, the employer will take child support out of your pay and send it to PA SCDU.  Support can also be taken from you unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, Social Security, and retirement and pension benefits.

If an income withholding order cannot be issued (i.e. you are self-employed or a sub-contractor), you will be responsible for submitting payments to PA SCDU.  PA SCDU sends payment coupons to parents ordered to pay support and who do not have income withholding.  You must write on the coupon the amount of money you are paying.  Make your personal check, cashier’s check, or money order payable to PA SCDU.A coupon should be sent with every payment to PA SCDU.However, if you do not have a payment coupon, write your PACSES member number, which is found on your court order, or Social Security Number (SSN) on your check or money order and:

If you live in Pennsylvania, send payments to:

PO Box 69110
Harrisburg, PA  17106-9110

If you live outside Pennsylvania, send payments to:

PO Box 61167
Harrisburg, PA  17106-1167

PA SCDU cannot accept checks that are considered non-negotiable by banking standards.  Some examples of non-negotiable items are:  checks that are not stale dated, post dated, not signed; checks that are not payable to PA SCDU; the amount in numbers does not match the written amount.  PA SCDU also does not accept temporary checks or starter checks.

Payments can also be made by:

  • Telephone: You can make a payment electronically from you checking or savings account.  Contact the PA SCDU Customer Service Unit at 1-877-727-7238 for instructions.
  • Recurring Automatic Withdrawals:  You can choose to have your support payments taken electronically from you checking or savings account.  This is called recurring automatic withdrawal.  Call PA SCDU at 1-877-727-7238 if you would like to set up recurring automatic withdrawal.
  • Credit/Debit Card:  PA SCDU accepts Visa or MasterCard.  You can pay by telephone with your credit/debit card by calling PA SCDU toll free at 1-800-955-2305.  Because you will not be able to set up your account to automatically charge your credit card, you must call PA SCDU every time you wish to make a credit/debit card payment.  Credit card payments may also be made online at
  • Western Union:  Western Union has 50,000 locations in the United States.  The payment process to be used at a Western Union location is called Prepaid.  Support payments for a Pennsylvania case may be made online at by using Speedpay.
For information about your support payment, contact PA SCDU at 1-877-727-7238.  Individuals with hearing impairment should use 1-877-676-9582.

Both numbers are toll-free nationwide.  You can access your payment information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  To speak with customer service staff, call between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If you have questions about your case that are not related to your support payment, contact the McKean County Domestic Relations Section at (814) 887-3366,Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If you move or change jobs, the law requires that within (7) days of any changes, you must report this to the McKean County Domestic Relations Section.This can be done either in writing or by calling our office.
General "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ's) for Employers
What is SCDU?
  • CDU (Statewide Collection and Disbursement Unit) is the single statewide unit for the collection and disbursement of child and spousal support. 
  • Employers will send support wage attachment payments to SCDU, instead of to individual County Domestic Relations Sections.
What address should I use to send wage attachment payments to SCDU?
PO Box 69112
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9112
Should I send a list or payment coupons along with the wage attachment payments?
  • For employers with less than 20 employees:  SCDU will mail bills and coupons in the month prior to the due date.  Coupons will also be available through the SCDU website starting 10-2-99. 
  • Employers should use these coupons when remitting payments to SCDU. 
  • Large employers will provide their own listing of employees and payment amounts.
What phone number can employers use to reach SCDU?
Starting 8-2-99, employers can call SCDU's Toll  Free Employer Customer Service number 877-676-9580 (Customer Service TDD 877-676-9582).
What are acceptable forms of payment?
Employers should submit payment using one of the following forms:

  • check
  • money order
  • EFT
Make checks payable to PA SCDU
How can I use EFT or EDI to send my employees' support payments to SCDU?
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT processes employer payments by directly transferring funds from the employer's bank account to SCDU's account at First Union National Bank.  Because the transfer is electronic, there is no need to write a check. Since EFT also transmits all employee data, there is no need to mail any paperwork.

Standard EFT Formats

The accepted file formats for EFT payments are Cash Concentration and Disbursement (CCD+) and Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX).

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is an easy way for employers, especially large ones, to submit payments to SCDU for employees with income withholding orders.  This procedure allows employers to send employee data in an electronic form, together with a check for the total amount.Because EDI stores information from previous transmissions, an employer with a stable workforce need only change the withholding dates at time of transmission.

To order your Free EDI software

Employer Notice

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Department of Public Welfare
Official Notice

Major changes in Child Support Payment Processing

Major changes to how child support payments are collected and disbursed in Pennsylvania will soon take place. The Federal welfare reform law requires all states to establish a single location for the collection and disbursement of support related payments. Pennsylvania’s centralized State Collection and Disbursement Unit (SCDU) is located in Harrisburg.

Beginning on September 1, employers who are currently mailing wage attachment payments for employees to different county domestic relations offices will no longer send payments to these offices. Instead, wage attachment payments must be mailed to SCDU. If you have more than one employee with a wage attachment, simply combine each of their payments into one check and send the entire amount to SCDU.

Employers who have 20 or fewer wage attached employees will receive a monthly bill and coupons, beginning in August 1999 for payments due in September 1999. Employers with more than 20 wage-attached employees should send a list identifying each employee, member ID, and the amount withheld with the single payment. Payments must be made by check, money order, or electronic funds transfer.

Checks or money orders should be made payable to: PA SCDU. All payments must be mailed to the SCDU at this address beginning on September 1,1999:

PO Box 69112
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9112
For more information on the new payment procedures, please attend one of the employer seminars, which are being held across the state in July and August. A list of seminar locations is included with this packet. After August 2, 1999, you can call the SCDU customer service center at 1-877-676-9580.

Please Note: All Support services related to address changes, order modifications, and case management remain the responsibility of the County Domestic Relations Section.

Information is available at
EPPICARD Information
What is an EPPICard Debit MasterCard Card?
The EPPICard is the new way to receive your child support payments. The EPPICard is safer and more convenient than cash or checks.  The EPPICard is a type of debit card.
How does the EPPICard work?
Your support payments are sent electronically to an account that has been set up only for your child support payments.When payments are sent electronically, you get them more quickly and safely.You cannot make your own deposits into your EPPICard account.You will need to select a Personal Identification Number, also known as a PIN, to activate your EPPICard.
Where do I call if I have questions about my Pennsylvania EPPICard?
1-800-304-1669 is the number to call for anything related to your Pennsylvania EPPICard.Write that number down in your telephone book.It is also printed on the back of your Pennsylvania EPPICard.If you are calling from a location outside of the US please call 1-801-933-8542 collect.
How do I activate my Pennsylvania EPPICard?
Simply call the EPPICard Customer Service line at 800-304-1669 to activate the card.  This phone number is on the back of your new card.  You will be asked to choose a PIN to activate your card. After this phone call is completed your card will be ready to use to make purchases or to withdraw cash.
When do I call 1-800-304-1669?
Anytime you need any information about your Pennsylvania EPPICard.This number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Call Customer Service if you need to:

  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Check you balance
  • Change your PIN
  • Review transaction history
  • Register a complaint about a card issue
  • Ask questions about card use
  • Discuss international card use
  • Report that your card was not received in the mail
If you have questions regarding anything else about your child support case (such as enforcement, modifying your support order) you must call your local county Domestic Relations Office.
Where can I shop or get cash with my Pennsylvania EPPICard?
Look for the MasterCard® logo. This logo shows that the store accepts your EPPICard™ MasterCard.  To get cash, look for the MasterCard logo, which will be displayed on over 892,000 ATMs located throughout the world. Many retailers that accept Maestro, in addition to grocery stores, will let you get cash back with purchases. Certain businesses place a hold on your available funds until your transaction clears. This can take one or two days for the funds to be released.  Hotels and car rental agencies do this because when you use your card with them the transaction may not be finalized by you until days later.
Do I have to use the ATM to get cash at a bank displaying the MasterCard logo?
No, you do not have to use the ATM. You can get cash back at any bank displaying the MasterCard logo.  Go to the teller and ask for the desired amount of cash that is available to you.You will not be charged a fee to get cash from the teller.Do not ask for a cash advance.
Where can I find a bank that accepts/displays the MasterCard logo?
You can call PA SCDU Customer Service at 1-877-727-7238 during regular business hours to request this information.Information on bank and ATM locations is also available at Master Card Locator.
Who should I contact if I have a problem getting cash from a teller at a MasterCard bank:
1-800-304-1669 is the number to call for anything related to your Pennsylvania EPPICard.  You will need to provide the name of the bank, and the branch office where the problem occurred. During regular business hours, Monday through Friday you can also contact SCDU Customer Service at 1-877-727-7238.
Do I have to get a Pennsylvania EPPICard?
If you decide you do not want a card, you may have your funds direct deposited into a personal bank account.   If you want to use the direct deposit option, contact you local Domestic Relations office or Pennsylvania SCDU. Either location will provide the appropriate form for you to complete.Completed Direct Deposit forms must be sent to PA SCDU for processing.
What if I do not sign up for direct deposit?
You will be automatically sent a Pennsylvania EPPICard if you do not sign up for direct deposit.
Can I use my Pennsylvania EPPICard as a bank account?
No, you cannot make your own deposits into your EPPICard™ MasterCard account.
How will I know how much money is in my Pennsylvania EPPICard account?
You can call EPPICard customer service at 1-800-304-1669 to check your balance.You may check your balance online at may also use an ATM to perform a balance inquiry. There is a $.50 fee for balance inquires. There may also be a surcharge fee if the inquiry is not performed at a WACHOVIA or PNC bank ATM. (Updated 3/06)
Will I get a monthly statement showing what I spent? 
You may request a monthly statement.One will not be automatically sent to you.To request a statement, you must call EPPICard customer service.You can also access information regarding your Pennsylvania EPPICard at
Do I have to have a bank account to use my Pennsylvania EPPICard?
No.You do not have to have a bank account, and no credit check will be performed.
Are there any charges for using my Pennsylvania EPPICard?
If you ask for cash withdrawal from a teller at any financial institution that displays the MasterCard brand mark you should not be charged a fee.If you withdraw funds from a Wachovia or PNC Bank ATM, there is no surcharge but there will always be a communication line fee of $.95 for use of the network. There is a $.50 fee for balance inquires at an ATM.  Banks other than Wachovia and PNC may also charge an ATM surcharge fee for balance inquires.  An ATM surcharge is different from a communication line fee and may or may not be charged when you use an ATM to get cash. You will always be advised about this fee before it is charged.  You may choose to cancel the withdrawal and go to another ATM that does not surcharge or you may continue with your withdrawal.(Updated 3/06)
What is a PIN?
PIN means Personal Identification Number.Your PIN is a 4-digit number.Always keep your PIN private.You must select a PIN to activate the EPPICard when you receive your card in the mail.If you lose your card and get a replacement card, you must activate the replacement card and you will need to select a PIN again. You may select the same PIN if you want. As an additional protection against the back of your card in ink or put a note on the card to always ask for photo ID.
What if I forget my secret code or PIN?
If you did not write it down in a secure place at home and you cannot remember it, call customer service at 1-800-304-1669 and select a new PIN.
What happens if I enter the wrong PIN number?
You have a total of four tries to enter the correct PIN. If you are confused and enter the wrong number, you can try three more times.After four consecutive incorrect tries, the machine displays a “locked” message. The card is locked until midnight.If you remember your PIN, you may simply use your card the next day.This is to protect your benefits if the card is stolen and attempts are made to use the card.If you do not remember your PIN, you can call customer service at 1-800-304-1669 and select a new PIN.
What should I do if I lose my Pennsylvania EPPICard?
Call 1-800-304-1669 when you realize that your card is missing.This puts a hold on your account and no one will be able to use the card.If you find your card after you report it to customer service, you will not be able to use the original card.You must wait for the replacement to arrive in the mail.Your first replacement will be issued at no charge.

However, each time after the first time that you request a replacement card you will be charged a fee of $5.00. 
What if my card will not work?
Broken, cracked or damaged cards need to be replaced.  Call 1-800-304-1669 and report that you have a problem with your Pennsylvania EPPICard.A replacement card will be sent directly to your mailing address.
What if I get an error message that reads Insufficient Funds?
Insufficient Funds means you have tried to spend more than you have on your Pennsylvania EPPICard.  If you feel this error message is incorrect, call 1-800-304-1669 for assistance.
What do I do if I think the balance of my Pennsylvania EPPICard is incorrect?
You should call customer service at 1-800-304-1669 if you have any questions regarding the balance of your account, or any transactions associated with your account.
Do I need to change the name on my card if I get married?
You need to contact your local DRS if you are receiving child support and your name has changed.The DRS will update the statewide child support system with your new name.
Will my card still work when my child support case closes?
Your card will work until the balance on the card is $0.00.
I have been using my Pennsylvania EPPICard for a while now, and want to switch to direct deposit. How do I do this?
Contact PA SCDU at 1-877-727-7238.
I received the Pennsylvania EPPICard in the mail but I do not want to my support money to be deposited to the card. I want my support money deposited to my bank account. What should I do with the card?
If you received the Pennsylvania EPPICard support payments received will be deposited to the card until your direct deposit enrollment process is completed.  Please keep the card, activate your PIN as directed on the card and check your card balance.Once PA SCDU receives your correctly completed direct deposit enrollment form direct deposit should begin in about 10 business days.If, at any time, you cancel or stop direct deposit, your support payments will again be disbursed to your EPPICard.
I think I got some mailers, but since I wanted to continue receiving checks, I threw the mailers (and the EPPICard) away.  Now I'm not getting my support checks any longer.  What should I do?
If you did not sign up for Direct Deposit, and you are no longer receiving support checks, it is possible that you have support money on your PA EPPICard.You may access PA SCDU (PA Support Collection & Disbursement Unit)to see if support payments have been made for you, and if the support payments have been disbursed to EPPICard.  If support payments have been disbursed for you to the EPPICard, you must call the EPPICard 800 number and request a replacement card.