Emergency Services

17175 Route 6
PA 16749

Nathan J Burgett
Director DES

Gerard Rettger 
Deputy Director

Joel Anderson
Deputy Director

Stephanie Scrivo
Training Coordinator

911 Center Non Emergency
DES Administration 

Mission Statement:

The mission of the McKean County Emergency Management Agency is to coordinate the response of emergency services and volunteer agencies and assist with any unmet needs, supporting county and local governments in the areas of civil defense, disaster mitigation and preparedness, planning, and response to and recovery from manmade or natural disasters. We undertake this mission with clear customer-focus and recognition that people are the most valuable asset. We value the contributions and dedication of the personnel who staff the emergency response and management systems. We employ and deploy the best available technologies in support of our mission. Above all, we cherish the men, women, families and children of McKean County and work tirelessly to make our County a safer place to live and prosper.


The Department of Emergency Services is responsible for all operations of the County’s 911 Center and Emergency Management Agency.  In this capacity, the DES:

  1. Responsible for the administration, operation, and long-range planning of the 911 Emergency system which provides police, fire, and EMS dispatch for McKean County.
  2. Telecommunicators operate the communication systems around the clock, receiving and dispatching emergency calls for public safety agencies located throughout the County.
  3. Emergency Management manages the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to, and recovery from disasters of major emergencies which may occur within the County.
  4. Identify and implement precautionary measures to mitigate against potential hazards.
  5. Provide and arrange for training programs for local government departments and community groups.
  6. Act as a liaison with state and federal emergency management agencies.
  7. Establish plans emergency operations plans for disasters and large, public events within the County of McKean.