Family Law

Physical Location 
16975 Route 6
Smethport, PA  16749

Mailing Address
500 W. Main Street
Smethport, PA 16749

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Christa K. Schott 
Family Law Master\
Hearing Officer (appointed)
Phone: 814-887-6018

Mark A. Caldwell
Custody Mediator
Phone: 814-887-6018

Statement of Purpose:

purpose of the court is to justly decide the controversies presented. We do that by treating all people with dignity, courtesy, civility and respect. 
Listening carefully, considering conscientiously, and deciding wisely.
Applying the law with impartiality and integrity.
Providing a forum that is fair, in a setting that is dignified, safe and clean.
Recognizing the Court's responsibility to protect the rights of all citizens.
Acknowledging the Court's duty to encourage where possible, and to compel where appropriate, every citizen to carry out the responsibilities owed to one's family, community, state, and nation.
Because ultimate justice cannot occur without eventual reconciliation, all court staff will attempt to create an environment in which reconciliation can take place.

Duties and Responsibilities:

McKean County Court of Common Pleas
Family Court:
Litigation: Divorce, Child Support, Custody

  1. Divorce
    1. Initial Meetings
    2. Hearing\conferences
    3. Follow individual cases
    4. Recommendations
    5. Complex equitable distribution hearings
  2. Child Support/Spousal Support
    1. Establish child/spousal support awards based upon complaints or petitions filed through Domestic Relations
    2. Support hearings
    3. Support reports and recommendations
  3. Custody
    1. Preliminary conference
    2. Mediation
    3. Refer cases to Court of Common Please