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The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ program offices administer services that provide care and support to Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Pennsylvania’s individuals and families.  We promote opportunities for independence through services and supports while demonstrating accountability for taxpayer resources.

About the Office of Developmental Programs

ODP supports Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities to achieve greater independence, choice, and opportunity in their lives.  ODP’s vision is to continuously improve an effective system of accessible services and supports that are flexible, innovative, and person centered.

Developmental Services

Eligibility for intellectual disability services through the Office of Developmental Programs requires a diagnosis of an intellectual disability based on the results of objective standardized testing. An intellectual disability is a permanent condition that affects a person's ability to learn and function in daily life that occurs during the developmental period. A diagnosis of an intellectual disability requires that both a person's general intelligence and ability to function in daily life are significantly below average. These two conditions may be present at birth or occur in the developmental period defined as prior to the person's 22nd birthday.

Expanded Eligibility as of July 1, 2017:

People with Autism

Provide children with developmental disabilities currently in ICF/ID facilities or at risk of admission the option to live at home with family.

Individuals interested in waiver services may contact The Guidance Center at 814-362-6535 and ask about Intellectual Disability Services.

McKean County DHS Developmental Disabilities Unit

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