Human Services

Human Services

The McKean County Department of Human Services (DHS) is a branch of county government that oversees the coordination of the human services system. The Department works closely with the private non-profit sector to maximize community resources through effective utilization of multiple sources of available funding.

The following services are coordinated under the Human Services Department:

  • Mental Health Services                                      
  • Intellectual Disability Services
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Children and Youth Services
                Family Engagement 
                Independent Living Services
                Foster Care Program

The function of the DHS is to provide a variety of services that will help individuals develop and maintain independent and healthy lifestyles. DHS identifies the needs in McKean County, pursues public and private resources to meet those needs, and facilitates coordination among a variety of services and programs. The following are guiding principles of the Department.

  • Facilitate recovery for adults and resiliency for children
  • Are responsive to individuals’ unique strengths and needs throughout their lives;
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention
  • Recognize, respect and accommodate differences as they relate to culture/ethnicity/race, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Ensure individual human rights and eliminate discrimination and stigma;
  • Are provided in a comprehensive array by unifying programs and funding that build on natural and community supports unique to each individual and family
  • Are developed, monitored and evaluated in partnership with consumers, families and advocates
  • Represent collaboration with other agencies and service systems.

DHS does not have administrative oversight of the following departments, but has collaborative partnerships with these organizations in order to coordinate services.

McKean County
Department of Human Services
17155 Route 6
Smethport, PA  16749

Mental Health Crisis Hotline


Child Abuse
PA ChildLIne 24 hours

Elder Abuse

Abuse of an Adult with a Disability

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence

Substance Abuse Helpline