Mental Health Services

Mental Health Crisis HotlineThe McKean County Department of Human Services has administrative oversight of Adult and Children’s Mental Health programs in the county. These duties include:

  • Program contracting and monitoring
  • Oversight of the hospital commitment process
  • Child & Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) coordination
  • Pennsylvania Community Support program (CSP) coordination
  • Mental health disaster coordination
  • Mental health related housing support
  • Diversion and re-entry services from the state hospital program
  • Mental health service coordination for mentally ill and criminal justices involved individuals.
Operating under the Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Act of 1966, DHS administers a wide range of services including, but not limited to Emergency and Crisis Services; Mental Health Crisis Hotline; Inpatient and Outpatient Services; and Child and Adolescent Services. 

Mental Health Services for Adults: 

The adult mental health unit focuses on individuals age 18 and older who are experiencing mental health disorders.  Individuals served with mental health services are provided the opportunity for growth, recovery and inclusion in their community, have access to culturally competent services and supports of their choice, and enjoy a quality of life that includes family members and friends.

To see specific services available to adults click here.

Children’s Mental Health Services: 

The Children’s Resource Unit focuses on youth up through age 18 (or up to age 21 if in Special Education classes) experiencing serious emotional difficulties.  The Children’s Resources Unit promotes CASSP (Child and Adolescent Service System) principles relate to making sure services to youth are child-centered, family-focused, community-based, multi-system, culturally competent, least restrictive and least intrusive.

To make a referral or to reach out for assistance from staff of the Children’s Resource Unit call 814-887-3461.  Families, schools, providers, community members and anyone else involved with a youth can refer or call for assistance as long as there is permission from the child's parent or guardian. Children’s Resource staff work directly with youth and families by explaining the process of obtaining services, lending assistance in setting up evaluations, and linking families to resources. 

To see specific services available to children and adolescents click here.

McKean County DHS
Adult and Children’s Mental Health Units
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