District Attorney

Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer DA 
 Phone - 814-887-3312
Fax - 814-887-2351
Drug Task Force Hotline - 814-887 3310
Email - Click here Duties and Responsibilities: 
  1. Investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses:
  2. Jury trials
  3. Plea negotiations
  4. Criminal hearings
  5. Appeals
  6. Summary appeal cases
  7. Legal assistance and guidance to law enforcement agencies 
  8. Provide information to the community regarding the criminal justice system - schools, press, general public (presentations, printed materials)
  9. Assisting victims through the criminal justice process in attempting to obtain restitution for the victims
  10. Pursue the imposition of court costs and fines (disbursed to county and state)
  11. Handling of all juvenile delinquency petitions
  12. Address probation and parole violations
Mission Statement:

To serve the citizens of McKean County by effectively and productively prosecuting criminal offenders, assisting victims through the criminal justice system and providing the public with information regarding the criminal justice system.