Recorder of Deeds

Michele L Vogel-Snyder
Recorder of Deeds  
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Jessica L Bowers
First Deputy
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Phone: 814-887-3250
Fax: 814-887-3255 

Effective November 2, 2023, the JCS Fee has gone back up to $40.25 
*Documents presented for recording after 4pm will be recorded the next business day*

Duties and responsibilities: 
The Recorder of Deeds office is responsible for the preservation of McKean County’s land records. The office acts as a collection agent for the Pennsylvania department of revenue along with the municipalities and school districts of McKean County for state and local realty transfer tax.

Services provided:

  • Provide information of recording requirements
  • Provide basic assistance and instruction on the use of office indexes and equipment
  • Provide photocopies of office records upon request for a fee
All records since the 1800’s are available to the public. The records from 1929 to present are computerized. Our office now has e recording available with simplifile, csc ingeo, epn (erecording partners network) contact our office for more information.

Universal recording requirements:

  • Acknowledgment date cannot predate document date
  • Acknowledgment must include the following: county, state, date, person or corporate officer’s names and title of persons appearing, notary signature, seal and expiration date. If any missing, acknowledgment considered defective
  • Deeds and mortgages should indicate the property’s municipality, county and state
  • Numerical amount must match written amount on deeds and mortgages
  • Book and page numbers of mortgages must appear on all documents that refer back to this document
  • Transfer taxes or statement of value must accompany all transfers unless exemption is clearly stated in the deed (family transfers). Department of revenue requires statement of value to be fully complete
  • Multiple documents constituting one transaction must clearly indicate the order of recording; any re-recording expenses from improper order of recording will be paid by party submitting document
  • Re-recording of document must be re-acknowledged
  • Deed with transfer tax in more than one municipality must stipulate percentage of division of transfer taxes
  • Deeds and mortgages and assignments must have certified grantee/mortgagee address and must be signed Mckean county recording requirements:
stamped self-addressed envelope of sufficient size to accommodate documents must be included with every recording or request.

A separate check is required for recording fees. The 1% state realty transfer tax and 1% local realty transfer tax can be included in one check. If realty transfer tax and recording fees are combined the document will be rejected.

All deeds located in the city of Bradford require a city registry form. If form is not included an additional fee of $1.50 is required.

Deeds located in Ceres township must state either Oswayo Valley school district or Otto-Eldred school district